Chakra Activations

Chakra activations are a complete cleansing of the 8 main Chakars, and auric field. Ashen will go into the emotional blocks of each Chakra level allow for integration and release i will then fill your Chakra with the energy it is missing with my projection of Wai Qi, She then activates the Chakra to what a healthy state would feel like. This is a complete tune up and will allow for all aspects of your life to transform and shift, it will give you back your power in your own life experiences and most importantly help you within every relationship in your life, whether it be friend, family or acquaintance. These are life changing sessions that are super potent and powerful. Ashen recommends these sessions to anyone who is truly dedicated to healing their wounds and has a desire to move forth from suffering with more understanding and awareness. You can expect a shift in your energetic body, a shift in self awareness on all levels of your being, and a new way of looking at the world. Ashen will ground you at the beginning of the activation session; a full activation also includes a heart wall integration and heart space activation. Depending on the patient there may be mantra singing involved as needed or vocal expression and release. 

* Around 60 minutes