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Authentic Anahata Awakening 

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With Ashen wolf extrasensory shaman Qigong Teacher, revolutionary and coach


A seed first planted, has the potential for growth, only with support from: sun, earth and water can it blossom to its truest beauty and expansion.

Authentic Anahata  Awakening was born from my sacred womb to connect us in weekly meetings to enter our heart space so we can empower ourselves create our dream lives together through awareness and attunment with our core essence. Weekly meetings and techniques and an experience you simply cannot find anywhere else.

we start September 21st five months of diving deep with a community that will become your tribe. 

Awakening to oneness for me also came with realizing I was something called an extrasensory Psychic, however I was disempowered from the tandem connection with the cosmic light and love of mother earth. I did not love myself and was dealing with self hate. 

You are here because like me you are noticing the suffering and disconnection of the world around us and just like me you are ready to claim the power of the heart space. Break down the walls and allow connection to the universe, earth around you to awaken in harmonic flow with the melody of your core essence your authentic self.

When you look through your eyes , right now you are looking out through your head space this is where human consciousness is rooted.

The perception is that our head is the command center because of the logical reasoning required to experience physical existence.

Okay, now remember...

Those times when you were just in flow, or you just felt deeply, you felt those emotions deep in your heart the sadness, the inspiration. Things seemed to be just moving without thought. Through your heart you were creating and taking inspired action while feeling &while being connected to it all. Our heart is both sentient awareness and connection to your greatest version the human extension of your higher self.

That freedom and knowing is the vortex of your heart. your heart space is a deep energetic vortex and it is your beginning , in your chest is the center of your creation and it is where our true intelligence can be found unity consciousness; our hearts are  connected to the entire universe: the zero point is the geometry that begins and connects all creation like your heart the emotional body is connected to our hearts and like our hearts an extension of our higher self. Exactly like a flower of life pattern when you connect to your center you connect with every petal and point and flower in all of creation. Our hearts are the place of intuition and connection to the earth, the cosmos and yourself) connected from the microcosmic scale to the macrocosmic galaxy.  

Entering into my heart space caused my life to shift from how I perceived reality and everywhere from my soulmate coming into my life, soul family and building intimacy in all my closest relationships. I became a match to my high value services changing lives, suddenly powerful leaders started coming towards me and wanting to be my friend. I created the most high value of purpose based group programs "Authentic Anahata Awakening" allowing everyone who signed up to do the same. I am now starting up an intentional community with my partner and loving myself, my life and feeling grounded in my body emotionally aware and powerfully confident in who I am here and now. I'm here to lead you into your inner vortex and authentic core self and mission. You are capable. Let me be your guide. You are not alone in this.

This program is the mission of my heart... step into your own inner wisdom waters and find out what its like to live what your soul is calling you to do.

Results Including:

Living your life from a place of passion

Self confidence to create  your dream business 

Awakening to your purpose 

Creating massive abundance in your bussiness
Manifesting soul family
Develop into your greatest version 
Build genuine intimacy and communication in all your relationships
Becoming self loving 
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Elizabeth, South Dakota. (Teacher & mother ) 
>> My changes have been Subtle, yet VERY profound. I feel like my whole mindset is changing and my views on everything are shifting. This Program is a life changer for sure. << “ Ashen i can’t explain it but I feel so good this week! Almost zero worry and anxiety ... I feel so comfortable in my skin it’s amazing!!!
This is such a healing experience. Just wanted you to know. “ She goes on to say in another post “ I want to mention to everyone (...) how wonderful it is to work with Ashen in the Heart space program. Her insight, wisdom, and teaching styles are phenomenal. This program has been so healing for me and has helped to shift my energies and become more aligned with my higher self. I am raising my consciousness while gaining wisdom, compassion, and understanding on a spiritual and physical level. Since working with her I have also noticed a stronger connection and appreciation for Gaia. I am more considerate of Earth and all of the amazing gifts she has given and how much she actually provides for us on a daily basis. This appreciation is drawing me closer to my heart space and the feeling is almost indescribable. I feel a sense of warmth and a childlike giddiness. I am even sending this shift on a mental and emotional level. My thought process is shifting to more positive feelings and intentions. My mind is clearer and I have less worry and anxiety. As a result my visions and messages are coming through more clearly, as well as more often. I am also gaining and understanding of my purpose here on Earth and what I need to do in order to fulfill my spiritual calling. 
I would also like to point out the program has helped my daily life tremendously. My energy is more uplifted so I can deal with life’s challenges much easier . My husband even notices changes in my whole being. I complain less appreciate more and feel lighter. “
within another post she wrote:
        “ I felt prompted to post about Ashen. It is absolutely amazing and quite a transformation to work with her. I am feeling major changes already and I have only been working with her for a few weeks It is absolutely amazing as well as reforming to work with her. I am feeling major changes already and I have only been working with her for a few weeks. I am feeling such an emerging closeness with my heart space. I highly recommend her Heart Space Program to anyone who is considering it. She is Phenomenal to work with!” In pm to me she writes ... “ You are helping me make this amazing shift and I am honored you are my teacher and friend. I just know anyone who truly wants and desires to make this transition will do so while working with you. I am light years beyond what I was a few months ago. It is so hard to put into words”
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Ageya, Holland
>> ... I can recommend to anyone Ashen’s sessions and programs!! I was lucky and feel grateful to take part in the Enter your heart space program and ... yes !!! Life Changing!!  <<
You helped me to connect with Angels, so precious! Just need to call them in to change my perception about a situation, myself or a space. Totally unexpected was my sudden change of eating habit's. From one day to the other no sugar, no coffee and no carbohydrates. After this I not touched my medication for migraine, not my stomach acid relieve pills and not my regular painkillers anymore! If that is not a miracle!! It happened because with working with you deep old layers of being lost and being in the dark got lightened up. Forever thankful for this! I am sure this will keep guiding me to my best possible life! Ashen's feedback fourm "Do you feel you have entered your heart?" : Yes!! Ageya continued on to say : “ In the approach of teaching nothing compares to you. Working with you is opening up so much. You have had so many experiences yourself and are prepared so well. I loved it how you created space, how you always made sure your energy was up. It sparkled out of the screen. How much care you took, how intuitive you are. It made it easy to learn from you and made me feel very respected. The program is a great doorway to an expanded life. Expanded in how one experiences oneself. In relationship to oneself and to others. The world, the universe Perspective changed. Feeling unity and in the same time so unique. Finding out how incredible miraculous life is and we are and in what a wonderful magical universe we live.
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Gabriel, Germany (Licensed Avatar) Raw Food coach
>>With a 5 star review on my feedback forum he writes<< “I loved the spontaneousness of you and the program. Following your guides and intuition and going where the energy is needed most instead of sticking to a fixed schedule.” << In his review he added ... “Ashen Wolf is a wonderful teacher. She listens, understands and guides you gently into your own power. She has a deep intuition and always knows what is going on with me. This creates an easy flow in the sessions that lead to profound transformation. I've integrated and healed so many lost parts of myself with her help. I'm deeply grateful for her presence in my life.”
(Gabriel has participated in two of my group programs consecutively and took my private coaching packages for a year .
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Angelica, Colarado, Coach and Reiki Master 
 >> you have brought so much love and light into my life and your presence in my life has been such a magnificent gift to my world !<< “ you have no idea how much this has meant to me! Training with you (...) and getting


my energy straightened out is what’s keeping me going and, for once , i am beginning to actually love life and want to continue to be here. Thank you i feel so indebted to you and owe you so much more than money. I might not be here if it wasn’t for you coming into my life when you did.” 
Also here is a testimonial she wrote me for the program! 
"Ashen's Heart Space Program has been one of the most profound and catalyzing experiences I have had the opportunity to be a part of! I was working with her one on one at first, doing some emotional integration and core belief work and when she announced that she would be starting a 4 month program in January 2018, I KNEW that the Enter Your Heart Space Program would help me along my journey. I just didn't realize HOW MUCH it would shift for me at the time! With all of the emotional integration work, core belief work and soul retrieval, I was able to release resistances I wasn't even aware of (or at least become aware that those resistances were there so I could begin the process of releasing), which allowed me to enter into a deeper layer of my heart.Ashen's program was the best investment I could have made in myself because the work you do in the group + the information she gives you as well as the 1:1's helps you to shift, release and integrate so much, which allows you to become MORE of the
person you intended on being before incarnating into this life.The vortex of people she brings in will always attract those who are in resonance with each other so you will have such perfectly mirrored reflections to look into as well as learn from during any program she offers.This is the time for us humans to release our BS (bullshit=belief systems) from the old paradigm so that we can rise into the highest version of self and anchor in a new way of living, being and co-creating with one another. Her programs as well as working 1:1 with her will help those who resonate with her work, to do just that. (...) Ashen has this way of getting right up next to what the CORE issue is and guiding you to see what it is that's there so you can then put the effort that's necessary in to releasing and healing the core wound. Her extrasensory gifts are amazing and they are a perfect for what she does!!In my time working with Ashen, I've come to view her as not only a coach but as a friend and that is something that, for me, I find is a true gift.Thank you Ashen for all the shadow work, soul retrieval, emotional integration and core belief work you have helped me through and for the truly unconditionally loving
S P A C E you create when you work your magic in sessions! It has really given me a boost of healing on my journey and I'm STILL finding that, I took the Enter Your Heart Space Program, I'm being guided deeper and deeper into my heart by the different work I continue to do (...) Your program helped activate my heart, my compassion, empathy + empathic abilities, understanding and unconditional love on so many levels and it just keeps getting better! That's not to say that I don't still experience triggers, because I do , but since the program, I have seen and FELT such a profound shift within my being. That's how I know I'm on the right path of healing. Thank you for standing in your light and doing what you love bc it empowers us all + helps the collective find its way back to the light. My infinite love and gratitude for you Ashen
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Astrid, Norway 
Forever grateful to have connected with you , you are a true blessing to this world.(Astrid has taken part in 1:1coaching including two of my group programs.
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Ruby, California
"I love the work we do together!!! I'm so grateful for all the heart space work!!!determination, pain, etc..  For every single cent, tears,work, determination etc... Gosh it's worth it!!!  I see the power of it of my heart transform day by day! Thank you Ashen for being a great Teach and facilitator on my path!" (Ruby also took 1:1 coaching aside from heart space program.)
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Christopher, England
>>what a blast into 2018 it has been, friends and family for life. << where did I finally find the courage to quit a job I no longer wanted to do, regardless of the consequences that may follow? By entering the heart space I discovered self love and from there I created trust in myself, Mother Earth, trust in us all, trust in unity consciousness and trust In love and oneness that we are to be or become 
​ I feel it is starting to sink in that E.T.’S actually exist, that I have reincarnated many times before and that we are all going to live forever after our human life. Good job we are entering our heart space, Because my mind is blown! 
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Pia, Norway 
>>If you would like to dive deeper into your own layers. If you want to come closer to your own Heart and Soul and Souls purpose then this i can recommend for you to join.<< In a divine circle together with others with the same desire as your self , Ashen Wolf will do her best to make you feel safe and welcome. She will hold the space for you when you need it and when you feel ready to, and at the same time the whole group essence will always be aligned with what is at the present moment. Shadow work meditation shamanic teaching; working with the elements of the earth such as fire feathers and crystals. Ashen Wolf has a deep connection with Mother Earth and the Universe and with her Star family , Angels and Fairies as well . But most of all she has a desire to help other people to Enter their Heartspace with the purpose to tribute for the collective as a whole. I have taken her program and can deeply recommend this for You. ~ Blessings from an Clairvoyant Intuitive Empath reader and counseller.”
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Kelsey, Arizona
I have been impacted by this program deeply and definitely haven’t even come close to express that fully .
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Marina Grace, Hawaii
In the feedback forum she wrote:
I feel I have gone deeper (into entering the heart space) with the group and with Ashen one to one; which always elevated the heart to push itself wider. I know my heart space was vast and this program definitely gave it more awareness and love. 
 Also pieces from messages she sent me:
>>You held such a safe space for us and that was so crucial.<<

" I hope you know how much I love you and appreciate your light and what you do! I’m so thankful to of been a part of your first group program.(...)

I really delved into the experience and feel like I will only build more and build from this experience.(...)

Thank you for all your love and wisdom

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Authentic Anahata Awakening is all about connection to unity consciousness. When you step into the heart field you manifest from love itself. This Program is all about empowerment connection to unity consciousness within your own inner heart. Becoming your greatest version and manifestation of your outer field by integration and resolution of your inner vortex, and activating the most badass parts of you who get what they want.
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Structure of
Weekly group meetings:
Feather circles of communication
Shamanic Alchemy Emotional Journeying Integration sessions 
Heart field activations
Coaching 1:1 in group setting
Group exercises ex: connection, joy, gratitude
Shamanic Manifestation ceremonies
Parts Work
Unity Breath Meditation
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Together we will own our lives shift unwanted structures and recode our field. We will move through a metamorphosis until we emerge with  a deep and satisfying connection to life.


(2) Private sessions VIP ($600 value)

Unlimited access to all workshops during membership

Immediate access to shamans Academy e-course ($55 Value)


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What you invest

$5,000USD (Pay in  full)
$1,000USD (5 monthly payments)
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What about this program is special?

Authentic Anahata Awakening is unique: because I have designed this group to be a vortex where we are building and integrating our lives together, since we are usually traumatized in groups of people nothing is more powerful than healing as a community. I have set up the content and engineered it with all the action steps of what actually works to get you into the heart space and changing your life to honor your authentic bad ass self. As an extrasensory empath I have a very direct way of working with someone where I fully attune to them and can see their entirety on all emotional, energetic and mental layers and how that’s effecting their physical field. My passion to end suffering is what drives me. See for yourself contact me to apply for your free discovery call here.
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