Have you ever gotten in touch with your heart space alchemy?
Do you connect with the truth of your heart space soul aligned desires ? Are you living your life to its fullest or do you crave for more?

(5) workshops live interactive  ($1000 value) heart alchemy  parts work, workbook and meditation provided for each day, heart alchemy workbooks and shamanic journeys (meditations) 

Group support from Ashen 
Day 1: Heart walls, Shadow selves (shame, fear, I'm not okay and self hate)
Day 2: Activate your inner power self find your space of alchemy 
Day 3: discover the truth of your heart unlock your heart space
Day 4: dive deeper into your heart hear the truth of your inner desire
Day 5: Find Unity consciousness love gratitude and joy. 

connect with your hearts true desire, find the shadows opposing your light
create true activation and alchemy within your souls purpose 
connect to your heart space 
dive past heart walls
connect and speak to your heart 
receive heart alchemy activations and light work and other group activities
5 days of transformation and guidance
$333USD February 7th - 11th, 2022.