self love

What is an Extrasensory ?

An extrasensory can access the universe through the multidimensional layers that are precedent all 5 senses can access this physical dimension, an extrasensory can access a multi layered reception of their senses. Ashen was born clairvoyant and can see and read your auric field, she can tune in and connect with your chakras, she has a strong sense of inner knowing and clairsentience, telepathy and can communicate with Angels and guides in a number of ways. She has accessed clairaudience on occasion as well . All of her abilities and gifts are used in coaching sessions to help her understand what your needs are and therefore work with you on deeper core levels of your being.

What do you do as a coach?

Ashen is first and foremost a heart space coach, find out more about what the heart space is here.

Her mission and goal has always been to empower her clients, to love themselves and connect with the world in a whole new way, she helps coax you gently into a new level of conscious awareness with a deeper sense of love for yourself and the world around you, of inner peace and alignment and helps you to center in on the most important thing in your life! Relationships, Ashen will help you whether it is the Relationship you have with yourself worth, your body image, your romantic partner, she can help you build stronger relationships break free from codependency, she will help you receive a deeper connection to abundance and help you attract with action, mindset and emotional work anything in your life you desire through law of attraction that involves a deep rooted change and action to back up what you seek. Whether you want more money in your business or wish to attract a romantic partner, Ashen will help you in all areas of your life, through both positive focus emotionally mentally and bringing it into physical with action, as well as integrate and clear up any shadows, aspects and helps you to emotionally integrate through emotional integration methods. 

How Ashen Embodies her work .

Ashen has entered her heart space through deep inner and daily connection to mother earth, the cosmos , self love and has done the inner work and continues to do the inner work to face her shadows and emotionally integrate and process, she has gotten herself out of a ten year depression which started as a young teenager, embraced love in her heart and changed her entire reality. She used to eat unhealthy foods, and now eats a healthy plant based vegan diet for the past 4 years going on 5 years. She chooses to deeply love and find compassion for everyone she works with, and chooses forgiveness and love over hate. She has walked away from friends and family that harmed her and put her down, and made room for Relationships that do serve her life path and holds space for more to come. She has attracted her soulmate relationship of  2 and a half years and did the inner work to create this relationship in a sustainable way with boundaries and love and self worth she broke free of codependency and with the inner and outer work saw a huge transformation of the alignment of her partnership; coming to know as long as the out come of pain is for the benefit of both involved , healing is possible.

Ashen believes that in unhealthy relationships there are two goals, to either realize you are with a partner who simply does not want to put the work in or to work, work, love and love harder as you watch your partnership or friendship expand and bloom. She helps you see deep into the layers of your psyche, and see the different desires and emotional perspectives that you are living your life and making decisions from. Ashen has made a business entirely from scratch and has now manifested $30k in 6 months, going on her second year in business . She has worked on all areas of her life and lives from a place of pure happiness and peace , and accepts and validates when she feels down or is going through something, this is human and Ashen teaches the message that you can get into further alignment but the polarity of our dimension will always shift from shadows to light the important part is to love yourself where you are and use your shadows as an opportunity to grow and shift to your next level you! For more information on the transformation of her clients please read over these testimonials .

How can she help me shift my mentality towards myself and life?

(Core belief work)

Core belief work is the process of first identifying beliefs in your life on the conscious, sub-

conscious and even unconscious levels of your mind. Once identified you get to decide if it is really serving you or not and those that aren't we start the process of shifting them all together. You need to first understand that a belief no matter how wired in, it may be is never ultimately true, there are different levels to truth (universal , dimensional, personal perspective , objective perspective etc) so mostly our human beliefs are only a singular view in a vast universe/ world. This is why we will slowly rise the vibration of the thought, and bring it into alignment with what serves you we will provide proof for that thought actually not being the ultimate truth and back up a belief that will actually serve your life. Through reprogramming the neurological pathways with consistency. Your life inner and outer worlds will begin to change so you can expand your wings and FLY. 

Can I come to you for emotional healing as well ?

Yes, I can provide short journeys to target specific emotional wounds and aspects as well have been certified in a shamanic process referred to as soul retrieval. This has nothing to do with the soul and everything to do with emotional support, validation , presence and meeting unmet needs. This process can be for anyone as we all have emotional pain and our emotional body is actually the closest extension of your higher self resonate in this physical forum. I have worked with clients with all various trauma and feel confident that I can be apart of your integration process as well. Shadow work is deep and life changing, because whether you like it or not our shadows wont go away however you can transmute them and integrate them by paying attention to what it is these aspects of you need. Please take a look at my healing's to understand more about this process.