Do you want a deeper abundance in all area'S of your life? Are you tired of stressing about money or saying no to the kind of life you want to live? I know what its like to have big dreams and believing in my vision but not knowing how to actualize it. This makes sense since we are living in a world that constantly gives us the message there are no places for us in our dreams. I'm here to tell you this is a lie! Lucky for you I have been obsessed with figuring out the real formula to what it is to manifest success with financial abundance and do it with the career you love. If you also know what you want to do more than anything or are already there but the profits aren't aligning with your true passionate lifestyle. I'm here to say no more! 
Find out my formula for attracting high level soulmate clients that keep signing you time and time again. 
From high ticket group programs and workshops that fill up and sell out, I've had clients sign up to one group program after the other and regular clients who buy session packages with me on a weekly basis indefinitely over
two year periods. Learn how defining your message and delivering it  in the right way to your ideal clientele will leave you booked out for days. Learn the strategy behind keeping your energy attuned to financial wealth. 

Connectivity is where we learn the keys of heart space abundance!

when: July 11th 11:11am eastern 
where: Zoom Meetings
tickets:222USD (limited spots)


Connectivity is a master class all about accessing abundance in all areas of your life but specifically how all areas of abundance in our life flow and connect with our ability to receive financial wealth. We will talk about the keys to abundance:


Physical Embodiment

The Mind

Emotional System




Self love


Financial wealth 



Coaching Everyone will have a chance to discuss their key area of issue & where they want to be with their financial wealth

Parts work We will work through (3) major parts holding the group back from financial freedom

Channeling Activate your abundance energy with a shamanic ceremony around activating abundace

Emotional Alchemy learn how to create positively charged emotional energy
during circle work for manifestation