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Saturday August 1st , 2020, 1 pm EDT

Length 3-4 hours long.

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Location: Zoom Meeting (You will receive your  zoom meeting link the day of the event.)

What is the "Future Self Workshop all about?

This workshop creates a powerful vortex for you to attune to your Future Self now! We all have an aspect of us that is the part of us who is our deepest weakness, that thing you have always struggled with; what has always held you back ? 

The Antidote vibration has also always been within you but you probably don't have a strong awareness of how capable you really are to access and become that self! As an Extrasensory Psychic i am able to take on become and channel FULLY on all levels of my being both the Weakness and the Antidote self within you! When you consciously bring a part of your yourself (aspect) into conscious awareness and take the opposing part also into conscious awareness the universe automatically starts self integrating . Furthermore we are going to expand the perspective of the weakness to help it find its Antidote and we are going to expand the perspective of the  Empowered self by seeing how it wants to be a part of your life and bring you to your 

Future Self . 

Exercises included:

Parts work channeling of Weakness

(Achilles heel) (I will take it on) .

Parts work channeling of Antidote vibration (I will take it on) .

You will take on the energy and emotions and consciousness of your weakness and I will energetically work with it to expand its perspective and bridge the gap.

This is your chance to bring up any resistance you have to becoming the Antidote vibration.

I will then have you take on this Antidote vibration so it can attune to your conscious perspective and I will Work on assimilating it deeper into your being than you have ever known before.

You will take on the Vulnerability one last time and we will allow you to integrate with the Antidote fully having your empowered self walk straight into your heart and become you on all cells in your being on all levels of being. This is an activation I will help facilitate. 

Bonus: You will Receive a prerecorded Future self activation experience ! 

What People are saying about this Workshop

We will be meeting on zoom hangouts, please leave your email address listed with your payment information to receive your invitation. Meeting is live interactive and will be recorded for life time viewing. 

"Thank you so much for a super powerful workshop"
"That was amazing , what you did for all of us especially for me , that was the missing piece that I needed litterally the missing piece no wonder i was so drawn to this workshop."
"It was a blessing"
"For me it was so huge I was not expecting that and I feel so happy now it was a huge healing and transformation and thank you everyone it was really beautiful to witness you all"
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