Energy Clearing

In this session Ashen will focus on assisting you to clear all the energy that is not serving you around your auric field, inside your body and also in your environment. Ashen then will teach you how to transform the energy around you into more positive and enjoyable feelings. She can also teach you how to use this energy to create a solid energy shield to maintain the energy clear.

*Around 30 minutes

Shamanic Emotional integration therapy. (Shamanic Soul Retrieval ) 

Emotional trauma whether related to physical trauma or not is a core issue that everyone faces in one way or another, the idea of this therapy is not to "fix you" the idea is to allow integration of any soul fragments that have been lost. Soul fragments are aspects of your soul stream that disconnected from you in times of extreme pain where you felt you were not able to process what was happening. Ashen will provide presence and support as you go into any current emotional stress you are having in your life and validate the feelings behind your pain. She will then help you relate these emotions connecting them to any memories from early childhood on, that are directly effecting these emotions you are experiencing in your current reality. She will help you heal wounds of past trauma with validation and lead your inner child to be brought to your safe heaven a portal that we will take your fragmented self and current self . For deep integration, Ashen will encourage you to incorporate your lost self into your current adult perspective once that aspect of self; feels fully safe and validated. Ashen offers a space for your raw authentic expression to feel safe validated heard and seen, all emotional expressions can feel safe and free in this space without judgement. 

{Shamanic integration is inspired by Shamanic Soul retrieval} 

*Between 1-3 hours (special discount package available)

Chakra balancing


This is a process where Ashen will assist you in bringing your chakras back to balance. Chakra balancing, shifting and clearing the unhealed parts of an individuals chakra is crucial in order to open the third eye so that he/she is more able to download universal understandings and consciousness. Ashen will use her projection of Wai Qi to assist in this healing as well as the presence of Paulo Santo, Sage, or sound healing. Ashen always works with the power of crystal Grids lending to her ability to heal aswell as bringing this power directly to your healing process.

* Around 20 minutes


Qi-Energy Healing


Qi- Energy Healing, This session Ashen will use her Channeling of Qi( Pruana or Universal Energy) Ashen is an Advanced Qigong Teacher and uses her Projection of Wai Qi Energy to channel up your Kundalini from the earth and down the Kundalini from The cosmos. Qi- Energy Healing Will heal blocks in your chakras and Aura and fill you with white Light. This Healing can be specially directed to a specific area aliment or wound.

* Around 30 minutes

Notes about Healings

Ashen cannot "heal" or "cure" you, she can only facilitate your own healing. You have the power to heal yourself and Ashen will provide the guidance you need to accomplish that. She is not a doctor so she will not diagnose or cure medical illnesses. She can only assist with divine guidance, emotional alchemy and energy work.