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Welcome beautiful . This is the lush hearts blossoming base center. My name is Ashen wolf and I am an extrasensory clairvoyant , Shaman Qi-gong teacher and Certified completion process practitioner , wait that's not all I also am an internationally known spiritual teacher coaching people to enter their heart and follow their joy and purpose work. My story (lets keep this short) : I have come from my own isolated hell struggling for years with trauma and self hate , I have lived some of the deepest suffering there is and on my journey to self love I changed everything. I was psychic since I was a child and entering the heart space  everything shifted. Today through the work I have done I am in the soul mate relationship of my dreams for 5.5 years . Living a life of abundance health and wholeness through shadow work and so much more. It is my life's mission to guide you from wherever you are into a life full of thriving deep into your heart. 

Take a look around to get to know me better , partake in the free resources I've provided for you and to work with me today . I am a revolutionary alchemist here to change your life. Why ? because I know every human on this earth is a part of my heart and I love you deeply and want you to experience the relief safety and love I know you were meant to experience. xox AshenWolf

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Shamanism is the practice of trans state healing, channeling and transmutation. Shamans provide a space for bridging the gap between the physical world and the etheric realms.

Find out more about Ashen's different methods of emotional integration: Parts Work and Completion Process.

Discover Ashen's coaching practices that are designed to support you whilst providing accountability to empower you so that you may embody your best possible self.

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