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Hello beautiful souls! My name is Ashen and I am a coach, shaman and extrasensory helping change lives all around the world, my entire life as an empath, psychic I perceived the world in a very special way as I am extremely clairvoyant (seeing energy and auras), clairsentient, and  telepathic . This is why I always felt so different as well as aware of suffering on this planet. I have dedicated my life to mother earth and her children, becoming vegan 5 years ago and living from  a space of love and upmost compassion. Through my own emotional healing journey and entering my heart space I naturally was lead to coaching people to heal, transmute to live their fullest happiest joyous life, I give my clients all my love because it has always been my passion, mission and purpose to love and lead. 

Credentials: - Studied in a 1:1 Shamanic mentorship

- 3 years studying as a Qigong teacher (Chinese Medicine) 

- knows Wai Qi Projection and Shamanic energy healing

- Soul retrival , Shamanic Journeying, Shamanic Ceremonies

(Ashen has also had sessions with a number of Psychics & emotional facilitators)


Shamanism is the practice of trans state healing, channeling and transmutation. Shamans provide a space for bridging the gap between the physical world and the etheric realms.


Find out more about Ashen's different methods of emotional integration and healing including shamanic emotional integration techniques, Wai Qi energy healings and so much more.

Discover Ashen's coaching practices that are designed to support you whilst providing accountability to empower you so that you may embody your best possible self.