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Available Services

Parts Work

Parts Work Facilitation, is a process of understanding the fragmentation or splits within our consciousness by speaking with these contradictory aspects they will integrate.

Group work

Please feel free to stay tuned to for my group programs, workshops and e courses. Group work is a powerful catalyst of change.

Completion Process

Completion process is a 18 step process developed by teal swan taking you into the emotional body's system of unpacking trauma. We work with inner child memory in order to find resolution in our adult life.

Shamanic Ceremony

Shamanic ceremony is a powerful energetic process of cleansing and manifestation. It involves energy healing, extrasensory channeling, portal creation and magic. Please check out my Shamanism e-course to learn how to make your own.


These sessions are a mix of coaching and my extrasensory abilities sensing what you need to know the most and how you need to proceed. I will attune to you on all psychic levels to give you the coaching and services in highest alignment with you in this moment. This is really action oriented

Shamanic journeying

These sessions of journeying are shamanic in nature. I will teach you how to go into any aspect of yourself, the earth or the cosmos that you wish to explore. check out my freebies page for a shamanic journey into your heart space.

Hypnotherapy is a process of taking someone into an altered state of consciousness with the intention of working with the subconscious mind through a bridge between being half in the subconscious and half in the conscious to different degrees. Change happens through a positive part implantation and suggestion to create change in ones life. It is a powerful tool to use with parts work and therefore I will always implant parts work where necessary during a hypnotherapy session. Hypnotherapy works with anything the mind touches including pain management and addictions, changing habits, emotional, mental or physical.
Extrasensory Life Coach
Extrasensory Life coaching is the unique brand of life coaching Ashen has created from the womb space of working with people over the years. When someone comes on into her space and starts sharing about her life she sees their reality that they express to her in a multidimensional layer cake that they aren't even self aware of. She can sense and feel and knows, watches, how someone actually feels and their authentic truth beyond what even they can see about what they expressed. She has psychic intuition and knowing that comes up about every situation they share and aspects about their life situations they did not realize or take in from their experience. 
Most importantly she uses this information and all her psychic abilities and knowing to apply to her natural ability to be a leader and empowered in all she does and sees the timelines, paths and steps and changes, actions someone must take to move forward. She can break down any issue someone is facing from life purpose, to relationship to any goal or dream or issue they face. 
She breaks down the issue into that persons reality, empowerment most clear path forward to find their value and truth and what is available to them now. She breaks everything down to show them the reality and the clarity they seek. 


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