About  Ashen


Ashen is a Extrasensory, Completion Process Facilitator, Life coach, Shaman and Parts Work Practitioner; who provides guidance for people all around the world and holds their hand to integration and living the life of their wildest dreams.
Ashen grew up as a young child being an extrasensory psychic who could see auras, feel sentience and telepathy and communicated with ghosts and other angels and entities. Along her journey she went through deep trauma, sexual abuse, Neuro divergence. As well as suffered from many health related problems. The adversity of these experiences only ever pushed her further to find a way to truly thrive, Integrate and enter her heart space. Ever since she had a kundalini awakening at 17 years old and was lead to the work of Teal Swan, as well as the heart space work by Drunvalo Melchizedek, her Purpose as a coach and psychic expanded all on its own. Ashen began working with clients and quickly saw how she had an innate ability to see what they were struggling with in their life and help them to change their life, she saw what they needed to hear to create different actions, think different thoughts and become a more empowered version of themselves.

Ashen has studied art and oil painting, taken a Qi- gong teachers certification in shibashi, studied shamanism within a 1:1 mentorship with a Maori Shaman from New Zealand. Studied at Philia center in costa Rica under Teal swan as a completion Process Facilitator. Spent a week in the jungle of Costa Rica alone. Traveled to Utah for her friend Juliana's  wedding and spent 4 days in Teal Swans community.   

Ashen committed daily to do doing the internal shadow work, the outer aligned action work, within herself and all her friendships, she was able to manifest a soulmate relationship with a man who gave her love, accepted and valued her exactly as she was full of passion and romance. In the past she had experienced toxic abusive relationships and with the work she did on herself was able to create the opposite experience. 
She facilitated family healing and volunteers on her brothers organic farm .
  Today, other than coaching her regular clients, and helping people all around the world through her free content and courses, she has integrated into her heart on deep levels of emotional wholeness, physical and mental well being. She spends her favorite times in nature with friends by the lake or creating a shamanic ceremony by a camp fire, takes long walks in nature and has found a deep sense of fulfillment and thriving in her world despite the contrast of 2020-2022. She is now focusing her attention fully on how to teach everything she learned along the way to everyone who desperately needs this same transformation.

She creates abundance with ease and facilitates deep integration, healing and spends her time hiking in the forests by lakes and rivers, with local friends and her partner Christopher, spending time with her mom and family. When she is not doing the work and living her best life she is dedicated with an absolute passion to help others find quality of life in their emotional, mental and physical life , cultivate self love integration and healthy relationships.


What she does...

Ashen works from a passionate desire to help her clients through consistent work that creates sustainable next level change, she coaches them on life, love, relationships, creating abundance and how to enter the heart space. She sees where you are and what you need to make the changes in your life that will serve you the most. Ashen looks deep into your emotions, beliefs and takes you into the alchemy you need in order to create a more wanted life experience.

Ashen prides herself on quality and value in every integration she will help you deep into your internal layers and will not stop until resolution is created within all your parts :the completion process and parts work are her services of shadow work. 
How she  does   it?

Ashen uses the following extrasensory abilities during sessions: channeling, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. She provides heart space activations through maintaining and holding the frequency within herself. Ashen works with your energy on an emotional, mental, auric, and can energetically also access physical levels of healing through shamanic energy practices. She understands deeply what you are going through and therefore can help you see what needs to change and how.


Ashen Wolf Represents 

Ashen, took on the icon of a wolf in her name because she is deeply connected to her spirit Animal the wolf. Her connection to all animals is a deep part of her. Ashen will help you to understand the messages of the Totem Animal Guides working with you and the nature and spirit of the animal that has been with you since your Birth.

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