About  Ashen

Ashen is a psychic, healer, life coach, Qigong Teacher and Shaman; who provides guidance for people all around the world and who facilitates healing and empowerment.


Ashen grew up as a young child communicating with Angels and seeing auras, she grew to understand the most important universal law there is, we are all one. This is what lead her strength and passion along her own journey of freeing her mind and connecting with both Physicality and the spirit within us all.

Coming to the practice of Qigong really allowed her to understand her own ability to manipulate and channel life force energy also known as Qi or pruana. Qigong is an exercise that allows the practitioner to channel a flowing stream of universal energy through the body unblocking their meridians. Ashen learned how to project Wai Qi (external energy) and uses this to heal her clients alongside her knowledge of Chinese Medicine. 


Ashen is known around the world for helping people step into their empowerment, remembering their ancient past and who they really are. She believes that the number one important aspect of our reality is the relationships we have and that the harshness and disconnection of our world is what causes suffering and pain. She provides a space for you to truly feel loved and connected and helps you to integrate aspects of yourself that keep you from connecting with others in your life, Ashen encourages a safe space of connectivity and community within her Facebook group: Lush Hearts Blossoming.

Ashen believes that being in our power is our birth right. She wants to help you empower yourself like she empowered herself alongside many others. 

Ashen works from a passionate desire to help her clients through consistent work that creates sustainable next level change, she coaches them on life, love, relationships, creating abundance and how to enter the heart space.
Ashen prides herself on quality and value in every integration she will help you deep into your internal layers and will not stop until resolution is created within all your parts :the completion process and parts work are her services of shadow work. 

What she does...

How she  does   it?

Ashen uses the following extrasensory abilities during sessions: channeling, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. She provides heart space activations through maintaining and holding the frequency within herself. Ashen works with your energy on an emotional, mental, auric, and can energetically also access physical levels of healing through shamanic energy practices. 


Ashen Wolf Represents 

Ashen, took on the icon of a wolf in her name because she is deeply connected to her spirit Animal the wolf. Her connection to all animals is a deep part of her. Ashen will help you to understand the messages of the Totem Animal Guides working with you and the nature and spirit of the animal that has been with you since your Birth.

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