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Frequently Asked Questions


Please contact me at for more inquiries.

01 How to book a session with Ashen?

To sign up for a session package or program just use the booking form on booking page. 




02 Are the sessions confidential?

Yes. Please read more about ethical policies here.




03 How do one on one sessions work?

Ashen does them through Skype, Facebook or Zoom. Ashen will start by asking you questions to assess your situation and get to know you better, she will start learning to attune to you as an individual, what you need in your unique healing experience and the role you need her to play to individualize your healing experience to you. Ashen Is extrasensory and this helps her attune to her sessions on a deeper level to be deeply connected to her clients at every stage of the process of her shadow work services and coaching. She will naturally coach you in your life and give you insight on how to take the shadow work done in your session to apply it your life in an action oriented way.



04 Can I receive a refund? 


Regularly you cannot receive a refund or terminate contract and will be held accountable for compensation. For special cases and situations I may consider partial refunds or termination of contract without penalty fee, penalty fees are always whatever has been unpaid from your original contract. 

05 What are your credentials?

- completed a Full 1:1 shamanic mentorship with a shaman from the Maori lineage in New Zealand 

- trained in Chinese medicine and energy healing for 3 years and completed certification with the Institut National de Médecine Chinoise

- attended a certification program by Teal swan 

-Studied NLP

- 5 Years of experience

Certified advanced Hypnotherapist

- have had facilitated completion process sessions administered by trained professionals regularly 


06 Where is Ashen's store?

Please check out store coming soon



07  What if I can't feel my emotions or get back memories?

There are three issues that consistently arise in Ashen's field of shadow work these are the three issues she is regularly seeing and being asked. 

1. what if I can't feel my emotions? 

There is no case scenario where someone cannot feel their emotions what is happening is they are feeling numb or disconnected from their emotions and disassociated Ashen can assess what is happening and help you sink past the numbness or reconnect with your body and work with the disassociation directly she has a number of tools from her hypnotherapy practice and personal experience that help people get into their feeling states more quickly and more deeply than ever before. 

2. What if no memory comes back? 

This is misconstruing Teal's teaching of the process in and of itself, she explains we are going into the root of the emotion to go into the first time you felt this way, you don't need to know what was happening or have any visual memory come back the emotion you have already spent time with becomes the emotional aspect of the memory in and of itself, the emotional layer is a layer to a memory and this layer is something we already have access to by being in the trigger we simply need to allow ourselves to find the core layer of the emotional feeling state which is the childhood memory.   

3. I can't channel my parts what if I don't know what they would say?

Ashen can always channel your parts for you but she has a process to help you surrender to what they are saying what is happening most of the time in this case is people put too much pressure on themselves and freak out that they can't do it, there is this expectation to immediately know everything the part is feeling and thinking. Actually the trick is to realize you are channeling, that you didn't automatically download it all you did was decide to open a doorway to it so the more time you spend with it you can walk into the hallway and so forth in terms of your connection to understanding it as the practitioner asks you more questions you will also get to know it better.

08  Can you guarantee results ?


 Every client is responsible for their own results, as I am a facilitator and can only ever provide, change based on the level of commitment you have to your own results being put into action, I will be responsible for providing knowledge to a doorway to your heart however ultimately you must walk through on your own. I will provide support, accountability, presence, love, energy healing, coaching and much more. The results of my past clients that you have seen reviews from are an example of what my programs are capable of providing you with as long as you bring your own determination to back up that work.

09  What is the difference between Ashen channeling my parts for me and channeling them myself?


We are all connected in this reality to the point that if you look at your hand right now and narrow in one a single cell within that hand, at the center of that cell has a tiny black hole where all the information of the universe is contained. Science has been proving how our thoughts are interconnected to the physical world and how everything has an impact on everything it interacts with. When Ashen takes on your parts the part is still a part of your subconscious mind that is gaining awareness and perspective through her body and mind and your interaction with it, as well as you are in a mirror reality where when you can physically see this split within you physically external to you being represented by a human it immediately starts to impact you and help you integrate and gain the awareness. There is healing to both methods, the only difference is that when Ashen takes it on you won't have her help in interacting with it and she is excellent at mental chess and when you take it on your ego can sometimes get in the way of some truth that must be seen, there are downsides and upsides to both methods.

10  What is the different benefit of parts work and completion process or hypnotherapy is one better than the other?

All three methods are forms of shadow work, they heal in different ways with a different approach, completion process is more emotionally based, parts work is more mental and hypnotherapy is a mix of the two combined.



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