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Have you heard of parts work? Parts work is a practice of mental chess with aspects of you who don't have your own best interest at heart. It is a technique taught by many teachers spanning across modalities from IFS TO NLP ETC. so it must work right?
Well I think so you know that part of you who may say I want to eat a cookie and the part who says I want to be healthy they are both parts of you the problem is they are currently contradictory but they both have information from your subconscious mind about you that you need to know listen to all you need to do is decode the bullshit and to do that you must listen to these parts of self.
so come to my workshop where we will do this for the stuff that matters in a group setting where each of you will have a chance to channel a part or have a part reflected back to you where I will work with your subconscious in order to rewire and program you for success we want harmony and we have to actually go for it parts work is how we do that.
only 8 spots available total sign up and reserve your spot today. 
Where: Zoom 
When: August 27th 10am EST