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Shamans Academy 

Shamans Academy is a 10 module program that dives deep into the culture and practices of shamanism. In this live interactive group program you will learn all you need to know to receive your very own certification so you can begin working as a shamanic energy healer after the program is complete. Some may walk away from the program with the ability to work with their psychic abilities to read for others and some may walk away with their soul retrieval certification it all depends on what you are willing to put into your time in the program.

Enter your heart space

Enter your heart space live interactive group program, is a never before seen program  that activates your 5D consciousness to enter your heart space, work with the mind in a constructive way that serves your well being and incorporates emotional integration technique and tools. Embodied with connection exercises to bond with your group members for a safe environment, that is conducive to our hearts primary desire for love.

Full Moon Package!

Sunrise Package!

If you are super  serious about working with me for top accountability and life change this is for you! Enter your heart space with my VIP coaching access to any service i offer for a 5 month program specialized to your individual needs and desires.
Would you like to take either a coaching program to enter your heart space or a shamanic training certification? However you want your own private access to me for your maximum benefit? Chose a pre-planned program schedule from my options list and lets get started! (includes emotional Eclipse as an option for trauma healing) 

Emotional Eclipse!

If you are serious about integrating your emotional fragments and providing deep presence, love and validation for all you have been through and need a more affordable way to do it, this is for you. Access to 15 emotional integration sessions for a portion of the price of any other programs i offer. The deal is this is for emotional healing and support only you do not have access to any other service i provide.
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