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When are you ready for more?

When are you willing to push up and make life work for you instead of against you? When are you done struggling?

As a society we are out of alignment with life.

We don't know how to move forward or create from a place of growth and expansion because we spend all our time fighting against what is.

We are afraid to move in the right directions but are usually married to the wrong direction or staying stuck all together.

Becoming life is a workshop for people who are trying to get more in their life but always feel they try the wrong things and are tired and burnt out. 

In this workshop we will cover topics such as:

Your comfort zone, is the places you usually move from and live from in order to get some kind of good life but the question is this good simple life void of risk really what your heart deeply wants and needs or is playing it safe the very reason that nothing seems to work for you.

Stuck-ness, we are going to talk about your issues, so you can have them seen through someone else's eyes, usually our next steps towards success are ones we can't see from our own limited perspective and the one thing we need to do is something so simple or do-able but we personally can't see its what we need and so we don't go for it. If your master plans to get what you want were viewed through someone else's eyes they may have the answers for you. When we are circling in a situation we are usually avoiding what must be done, looking in the wrong direction, focusing on the wrong chess piece, un-committed to progress in the direction we say we are committed to. When we desire something it can turn into a starvation pattern and this ultimately blocks us from knowing we deserve food and take the simple and basic steps to just go after it. We usually lack knowledge and education when it comes to our issue, we feel isolated and alone in it and that is our biggest problem at the end of the day. when we try to do everything on our own its a little like a bicycle wheel trying to turn itself without a bearing or a chain. We absolutely need resources outside ourself in order to function the way we really want and need in life, we are a tribal species and all have unique capabilities and functions and weaknesses where one person may act as a bearing another acts as a chain and another as a wheel and together we can completely function in the direction we all want to go in but we need each others help. That's what I'm here to do, I am a bearing to make your wheel turn and I'll point you in the direction of a chain to complete our  team. You may even be looking for a chain where a handle bar is currently and can't see it. One thing is for certain if you have been trying and trying again without progress or success you need a new way you can't currently see or you would have done it, usually when we are in these positions the universe sends us messengers and my guess is that's why you have been lead here to this page right now, this is a message from the universe telling you that you need more and more has presented itself to you will you take it? stop trying tirelessly, maybe you have even given up from heat stroke. It's time to get up and drink because water is here.

Becoming Life, in this workshop we will create a circle flow lead by Ashen Wolf in order to understand our problem or problems, what we want most and how we have currently been trying and failing in order to examine the key problem in our stuck-ness and unglue us boot us out of our comfort zone and get shoot up into our next and best level and version of self that the earth is desperate for and it all comes down to one key reason, we are here to bring value to the planet and we cannot do that unless we have clarity on what we personally value and how to actually go about doing what we came here to do and clearing up junk around our desires is a part of that blue print.

Where: Zoom (Life time recording) 
Facebook Support group
Ticket: $88USD
When September 11th 1pm EASTERN 7PM CET 11amMST
10am PST